Methinks My Love in Thee Doth Grow

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Michael Field

Publishing under the pseudonym Michael Field, Katherine Harris Bradley and her niece Edith Emma Cooper published both plays and poetry in 19th century Britain. They published 27 plays, as well as 8 books of poetry which discussed themes of gender roles, family relations, and same sex relationships.


METHINKS my love to thee doth grow,
      And this the sign:
   I see the spirit claim thee,
   And do not blame thee,
Nor break intrusive on the Holy Ground,
   Where thou of God art found.

      I watch the fire 
   Leap up, and do not bring
   Fresh water from the spring
To keep it from up-flaming higher
   Than my chilled hands require
      For cherishing.

I see thy soul turn to her hidden grot,
      And follow not;
   Content thou shouldst prefer
      To be with her,
The heavenly Muse, than ever find in me
      Best Company.

   So brave my love is grown,
   I joy to find thee sought
      By some great thought;
   And am content alone
   To eat life’s common fare,
      While thou prepare
To be my royal moment’s guest:
      Live to the best!

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Underneath the Bough: A Book of Verses
Thomas B. Mosher
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